Notes from Pierre

Notes from Pierre
There is a wide variety of bills to report on this week. They include sex offenders, weapons, cattle brands, and long-term care insurance.

Three sex offender bills were worked on by a number of legislators, the attorney generals' office, and the governor's office.

Senate Bill 148 concerns the sex offender registry and the supervision of the sex offenders.

Community safety zones is the concern for Senate Bill 149. This prohibits certain persons from residing or loitering in those safety zones which would include schools, public parks, public pools and public playgrounds. The distance needed between them and the safety zones is 500 feet. A first-offense violation is a class 6 felony, which is the lowest felony, and another violation would be upped to a class 5 felony.

Senate Bill 150 would require the state to participate in the National Sex Offender Public Registry and provide for a state Internet sex registry site.

The Department of Social Services is directed by House Bill 1072 to establish the South Dakota long-term care partnership program. This is an incentive program for people to buy long-term care coverage. When determining eligibility for nursing and rehabilitative services, when the individual has exhausted the benefits of the policy, the total countable assets of the individual shall be reduced by $1 for each $1 of benefits paid out under the individual's approved long-term partnership program policy.

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