Unclaimed property scam targets senior citizens

Unclaimed property scam targets senior citizens

"South Dakota seniors are being targeted by an out-of-state scam artist posing as an asset recovery company," according to State Treasurer Vern Larson.

Larson's office has had several inquiries from senior citizens across the state about a company called Asset Recovery. The company has mass mailed senior citizens all across the state of South Dakota informing them that millions of dollars of unclaimed money has been turned over to the state and that potentially $$$ of this fund belongs to them. For $10 they offer to send you instructions and an unclaimed money collection form.

"You should never have to pay to get your own property returned to you. It doesn't cost anything to search our sites. It is free. Many times what these companies will do is charge you a fee and then merely provide you with the state treasurer's unclaimed property's telephone number," says Larson. "If you think you might have unclaimed property, you should watch for our unclaimed property list in your local newspaper during late February and early March or check our Web site at www.sdtreasurer.com or www.missingmoney.com.

Citizen's who do not have internet access can call the state treasurer's office toll free in South Dakota at 1-800-357-2547 for help in researching a claim.







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