USD professor returns from second tour of duty in Iraq

USD professor returns from second tour of duty in Iraq
2004 Navy Reserve Force Sailor of the Year Larry Tentinger has returned to The University of South Dakota in time for the spring semester.

Chief Petty Officer Larry Tentinger was on his second tour of duty in Iraq and has been gone since December 2004, serving as the operations chief for an expeditionary medical fleet hospital.

Tentinger, who works in the USD School of Education, served as a combat medic in Vietnam with the 1st Cavalry from 1969-1970 and again during the Gulf War Desert Storm in the Navy from 1990-1991. He also served as a senior corpsman in an infantry battalion with the Marines in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and was part of the first unit to reach Baghdad and Tikrit.

Tentinger's most recent tour with the Navy in Iraq and Kuwait gave him the opportunity to work closely with the Army as part of a joint force operation.

"I'm proud to serve my country," said Tentinger. "As a combat medic, being called ?doc' by members of the Marine Corps is an honor."

Tentinger is eager to bring his training and added diversity back to the classroom at USD. Teamwork, a critical skill in the Navy, is one of the biggest concepts he stresses to his students. As a chief petty officer, he also applies his technology and education skills to the Navy by helping design educational programs.

Returning to campus "feels like home," said Tentinger. "It's good to be back."

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