Vermillion wrestlers fare well vs. Dakota Valley, Beresford

Vermillion wrestlers fare well vs. Dakota Valley, Beresford
The Vermillion Tanagers fared well against Dakota Valley and Beresford in triangular action Jan. 30.

Beresford defeated Dakota Valley 63-15.

In other action on the mats, the results were:

Vermillion 51,

Beresford 26


103 � Tony Hubert (Ver) won by decision over Bryce Klostergaard (Ber) 7-3.

112 � Chris Mart (Ver) WBF over Matt Kennedy (Ber) in 5:10.

119 � Ryan O'Connor (Ver) WBF over Joel Lundgreg (Ber) in 0:51.

125 � Blaine Knutson (Ber) WBF over Isaac Druin (Ver) in 1:08.

130 � Brad Orr (Ver) WBF over Kyle Lindstrom (Ber) in 3:56.

135 � Tanner Mart (Ver) WBF over Todd Gannon (Ber) in 1:31.

140 � Sam Hansen (Ber) won by decision over Mike Feddersen (Ver) 11-4.

145 � Anthony Lyle (Ber) won by technical fall over Andrew Eidem (Ver) 15-0.

152 � Tigh Faehnrich (Ber) WBF over Nick Mart (Ver) in 2:55.

160 � Luke Heine (Ver) WBF over Joe Kennedy (Ber) in 2:35.

171 � Tony Kronaizl (Ver) WBF over Caleb Lyle (Ber) in 3:35.

189 � Chad Andrews (Ber) WBF over Gerrit Heine (Ver) in 1:54.

215 � Thomas Mollet (Ver) WBF over Cody Schoellerman (Ber) in 1:59.

275 � Harrison Hawley (Ver) WBF over Chris Weatherton (Ber) in 1:15.

JV Results

103 � Earl Kiertzner (Ver) WBF over Casey Schoellerman (Ber) in 1:38.

103 � J.R. Moore (Ver) WBF over Isaac Lundberg (Ber) in 2:02.

125 � Jeff Anglin (Ver) won by decision over John Lindstrom (Ber) 10-7.

140 � Nathan Iverson (Ber) won by decision over Skylar Tiahrt (Ver) 9-5.

171 � Brady Andrews (Ber) WBF over Ben Knutson (Ver) in 1:43.

171 � Joe Ensminger (Ver) WBF over Luke Hansen (Ber) in 0:49.

Vermillion 68,

Dakota Valley 9


103 � Tony Hubert (Ver) received a forfeit.

112 � Chris Mart (Ver) received a forfeit.

119 � Ryan O'Connor (Ver) WBF over Eli Clements (DV) in 1:40.

125 � Isaac Druin (Ver) received a forfeit.

130 � Brad Orr (Ver) received a forfeit.

135 � Tanner Mart (Ver) won by major decision over Jon Curran (DV) 11-1.

140 � John Bowman (DV) WBF over Mike Feddersen (Ver) in 1:27.

145 � Andrew Eidem (Ver) won by forfeit.

152 � Nick Mart (Ver) won by major decision over Cameron Caerter (DV) 10-1.

160 � Luke Heine (Ver) received a forfeit.

171 � Tony Kronaizl (Ver) received a forfeit.

189 � Gerrit Heine (Ver) received a forfeit.

215 � Tim Hatton (DV) won by decision over Thomas Mollet (Ver) 4-1.

275 � Harrison Hawley (Ver) received a forfeit.

JV Results

103 � Earl Kiertzner (Ver) WBF over Jared Foster (DV) in 1:25.

103 � Earl Kiertzner (Ver) WBF over Jordan Bowman (DV) in 2:56.

Ex. � Skylar Tiahrt (Ver) won by decision over Ryan Plyle (DV) 7-3.

"Tonight was a great night for Tanager wrestling," said coach Casey O'Connor. "Tonight was by far the most aggressive we have been for some time. Once the pins started to fall, we seemed to be able to get into a rhythm that gets the kids fired up. It was great to end our last home event for the year with two dual wins."

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