Youngsters participate in free throw contest

Youngsters participate in free throw contest
The 2006 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest was held in Wakonda on Sunday, Jan. 29.

It was another fun year for the children as they competed against their classmates and others in the challenge of scoring 15 free throws.

Each child was given three warm-up shots in the beginning and then went on to attempt in making the 15 shots. Parents from all the children came to watch and see what their child could do when handed a basketball and many were pleased.

The winners for the 11-year-old category were Alex Nelson and Phil Hessman.

"It was nice to win but I think I had more fun being with my friends and shooting hoops," said Nelson, a sixth-grader from Wakonda School.

In the 12-year-old division, Pearl Gaidelis and Cody Wagner took top place. Roxanne Polley and Casey Skonhovd blew away the competition in the 13-year-old division. In the 14-year-old division, Casey Hessman and Justin Polley won.

The winners advanced to the District Competition in Centerville on Sunday, Feb. 12. The winners also received a t-shirt.

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