Citizens’ help needed to finance Prentis Park playground equipment

Citizens' help needed to finance Prentis Park playground equipment
A group of community volunteers wants you to consider making a financial contribution towards new playground equipment in Prentis Park.

The Vermillion City Council has already responded by allocated $40,000 to the project. That amount likely will cover the majority, but not all, of the equipment's cost.

"Our group is looking to raise another $20,000," said Dave Nelson, director of Vermillion's Parks, Recreation and Golf. "We're simply a volunteer group devoted to raising these needed funds."

The playground equipment presently at the park is old and wearing out, said Jenny French, a member of the volunteer group.

"Right now the plan is to replace the current playground equipment with new equipment somewhere near the big water tower east of the swimming pool," she said.

"Our current playground equipment is old and worn," Nelson said. "We can't find suitable replacement parts for it anymore. It has to be at least 20 to 25 years old."

The new equipment, French said, includes heavy-duty plastic parts and steel uprights that are safety coated.

"All of the nuts and bolts are coated, so there is no danger of getting cut on those," she said.

The new equipment features several slides, a tunnel to walk through, climbing walls and other equipment that helps children safely develop strength, coordination and balance.

All of the equipment will be on bed of wood chips that's handicapped-accessible.

The city's goal is to have the new equipment up in the park by July 4. That means funds must be raised this month.

People interested in contributing to this project may contact either Nelson or French.

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