Dance marathon hosts annual ‘Roof Sit’ on CSC

Dance marathon hosts annual 'Roof Sit' on CSC
The University of South Dakota Dance Marathon has completed a very successful "Roof Sit" event in support of the Children's Miracle Network (CMN).

Executive committee members of the dance marathon participated in the "Roof Sit," held on top of the Coyote Student Center on Feb. 23. At 8 p.m., committee members were able to leave the roof as they surpassed their goal and collected $1,005.

"The ?Roof Sit' is an opportunity for the executive committee to make students and faculty more aware of the dance marathon and to raise a little money," said Beth Overmoe, marketing chair for the dance marathon 2006. "It's great to know that these few hours of our day will help a child for the rest of his or her life. I think that is what makes the dance marathon so special."

The annual "Roof Sit," held in advance of the actual the dance marathon in March, is a pledge by the dance marathon executive committee to sit atop the roof and not to come down until they reach an established goal, which this year was $1,000. Proceeds from the "Roof Sit" are used to kick-off the fund-raising effort for CMN.

In the past, the event has started in the early hours of the morning and has on occasion gone much later into the night.

Dance Marathon 2006 will be held March 25-26. This year's total goal is $45,000. The dance marathon is a 24-hour event in which students and faculty donate their time and efforts to help raise money for CMN.

The University of South Dakota Dance Marathon is held every spring to support Children's Miracle Network of eastern South Dakota. Through the money raised by dance marathon participants, Children's Miracle Network is able to help children in surrounding communities receive the care they need. Over the past eight years, the dance marathon has contributed over $150,000 to CMN.�

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