District 8 NBHA wraps up ’05 barrel racing season

District 8 NBHA wraps up '05 barrel racing season
The National Barrel Horse Association District 8 of South Dakota wrapped up the 2005 season on Feb. 11.

SD District 8 includes the southeastern part of the state including some members from the surrounding states of Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa. The members gathered on the mild winter evening to reminisce and celebrate the past season. District members, their friends and family were invited to enjoy a catered dinner, games, and door prizes. It was a proud event as they cheered on the year-end award winners as well as bittersweet as they kept on their minds member Todd Tessier of Yankton and former member Gilbert Johnson who passed away in December of 2005.

The district was able to give away bigger and better awards this year thanks to our supportive sponsoring businesses from all over the area. Peewees were given decorative headstalls. The youth winners received LoneStar buckles and bracelets, rawhide decorated headstalls, trophy halters, tack bags, barrel reins and polo leg wraps. Senior winners were awarded an "iron barrel racer art." Open winners were given LoneStar buckles and bracelets, saddle blankets with LoneStar conchos, embroidered cooler sheets, embroidered hay bag/feeders and embroidered sweatshirts.

The 2005 Top Hand award went to the family of Todd Tessier. The 2005 Arena of the Year, decided by member votes, went to Hope Andal and the Stone Pony Arena of Salem. These specialty award winners received hand tooled leather camp stools.

2005 award winners

Open 1D: 1. Morgan Tessier, 2. Jakie Naatjes, 3. Mary Griffith, 4. Cindy Baltezore, 5. Rena Brunick.

2D: 1. tie Rena Brunick/Mary Griffith, 2. Jackie Naatjes, 3. Morgan Tessier, 4. Deb Kruger, 5. Cindy Baltezore, 5. Kris Lammers

3D: 1. Kris Lammers, 2. Kristi Anderson, 3. Todd Tessier, 4. Rena Brunick, 5. Jackie Naatjes, 5. Cindy Baltezore.

4D: 1. Jill Fedders-Ellefson, 2. Rena Brunick, 3. Janell Gause, 4. Ginny Anderson, 5. Todd Tessier.

Youth: 1D: 1. Morgan Tessier, 2. Dani Miller, 3. Haley Huls.

2D 1. Emily Kruger, 2. Dani Miller, 3. Haley Huls.

3D: 1. Morgan Tessier, 2. Emily Kruger, 3. Jenna Donnelly.

4D: 1. Tricia Neels, 2. Madason Tessier, 3. Morgan Tessier and Kayla Wieskus.

Youth Achievement Awarded to Bryetta Andal.

Peewee: Karissa Neels.

Senior: Mary Griffith, Jackie Naatjes, Ginny Anderson, Michele Miller, Kristi Anderson and Cindy Baltezore.

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