Equestrian program facility gets go ahead

Equestrian program facility gets go ahead
(CNS) – South Dakota State University received legislative approval to build a center for its new equestrian program.

Twenty-six women athletes currently compete in the equestrian program at a cost of $13,711 for each. The goal is to eventually have 60 people.

The equestrian program was added at SDSU so the school could comply with federal Title 9 requirements that mandate there be just as many opportunities for women to compete in athletics as there are for men.

Mike Reger, SDSU vice president of administration, said the school looked at other sports like crew and bowling. Those are both growing events in the NCAA. Equestrian was the best match for regional interests of high school athlete.

The SDSU foundation will pay for construction of the facility and its maintenance and upkeep during its 10-year lease of the building. The foundation will then donate the building back to SDSU. The Board of Regents will lease back the facility at an annual rate of $165,000 for 10 years.

Currently SDSU is leasing an arena for the program.

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