Fund raiser will purchase playground equipment

Fund raiser will purchase playground equipment
For almost 25 years, the playground equipment system in Prentis Park has delighted the children of Vermillion, but it is now time to replace the current equipment. In the past few years some of the equipment has been removed because it was unsafe, other parts have been broken and cannot be fixed, and the main structure is worn through. As a result, the Vermillion City Council included $40,000 in the Parks and Recreation Department budget for the replacement of the current park equipment for 2006.

However, a committee composed of city officials and local citizens has embarked on a fund-raising campaign to raise an additional $20,000 for a larger playground system that will give enhanced play value and conform to the highest safety standards for all children using the equipment.

To help raise the additional funds, the citizen group has joined with the Vermillion Area Community Foundation as part of a public-private partnership. They are also seeking financial contributions from local businesses and residents, which the committee hopes will trigger a generous community response.

Members of the Prentis Park Project are: Citizen members � Jenny French, Karen Olmstead, Rich Braunstein; and city representatives: John Prescott, city manager; David Nelson, director of parks and recreation; and Mary Edelen, city council.

Fund-raising efforts will continue through March and the equipment will be installed during the summer of 2006.

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