Health fair set April 3 in Wakonda

Health fair set April 3 in Wakonda
The public is invited to attend Be Fit, Eat Right, Be Healthy Health Fair, on Monday, April 3 in the small gym at Wakonda Public School.

The health fair will be open from 1 to 7 p.m. and feature educational displays created by the students at Wakonda Public School.

The displays created by the students will provide information on heart-healthy snacks, calcium, selecting healthy breakfasts and lunches, exercise, nutrients, trans-fats, the fat content in foods, fruits, vitamins, physical activity, fast foods, portion size, grains, sports drinks, buffalo ��a meat low in fat and calories.

For the past two months K-12 students at Wakonda Public School have been learning about the importance of physical activity and how to use MyPyramid as a guide to eating right through lessons and activities made possible with resources from a Team Nutrition grant.

Local FCCLA members Megan Book, and Brittaney Schroeder with the help of their advisor are organizing the health fair to showcase what the students have learned and provide important information that community members can use to be fit, eat right, and be healthy.

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