Juniors must begin preparing for college

Juniors must begin preparing for college
Spring conjures images of birds and flowers in many people's minds, but for Cheryl Knudson and other guidance counselors they start thinking about ACT preps and college visitations.

Cheryl Knudson is the K-12 guidance counselor of Wakonda and Irene Public Schools. Knudson says that graduation seems far away to many juniors, but it's closer than they think.

On Feb. 17, the Wakonda and Irene juniors attended the Regional Career Fair at Menno. The fair was sponsored by the S.D. Extension Service. The purpose of the fair was to illustrate to juniors various careers in agriculture, business, and education. USD, SDSU, and DSU were a few of the colleges in attendance.

The ACT, or American College Test, is administered in April. Knudson recommends every junior take the ACT due to the plethora of scholarship opportunities available to people taking the test.

In preparation for the ACT, both Mount Marty College and Viborg High School offer a series of classes to inform students on what the ACT is all about. Both courses are a registered to administer the classes, and classes are held on Monday nights throughout the month of March.

Knudson also recommends looking at various majors and post-secondary schools to get an idea of what classes juniors should take in high school to prepare for their majors and their college careers.

The Career Shadow Program, which is held mainly in Sioux Falls with a few outside sites, is a program that allows students to get first-hand knowledge about a career. The Shadow Program is held in April, featuring everything from dental clinics to auto-body workshops accepting students.

If you would like to learn more about any of the information listed above, you may go to Knudson's Web site at www.wakonda.k12.sd.us and select the secondary teachers page.

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