‘Kiss the Pig’ concludes

'Kiss the Pig' concludes
Love blossomed on Thursday, March 2 at the Wakonda gymnasium.

Dave Hutchison, the Irene and Wakonda High School principal, was chosen to "Kiss the Pig" by popular demand. But as we all know, no kiss is complete without a little lipstick, as he can attest.

The purpose of the "Kiss the Pig" contest was to raise money for the Junior Prom. Hutchison, Superintendent Larry Johnke, School Board member Steve Mohr, math teacher Mr. Kaup, and band and choir teacher Mrs. Jensen all participated in the contest. Each participant had their own jar, and whoever had the most money in their jar had the privilege of kissing the pig. Hutchison's top total clinched him the date with the pig.

The contest was held at the pep rally for the boys' basketball team as they prepared to play the Beresford Watchdogs at the opening round of the District Tournament.

All in all, the juniors raised over $70, with Hutchison garnering over $40 of that. When Hutchison was announced the winner, he exclaimed "I normally don't kiss on the first date!"

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