Notes from Pierre

Notes from Pierre
Senate Bill 1 is very important to law enforcement. This bill says that even on the first DUI offense, there is a mandatory withdrawal of blood or other bodily substances. This has been described as eliminating the ability to get rid of the evidence need to get a conviction. Both of the sheriffs in District 17 wanted this bill passed and it did.

We are still in deliberation on the education bills. The Senate and House leadership are actively bargaining and a comprehensive bill will be the result. There have been bills to fund career and tec programs, virtual schools, energy enhancement to name a few.

We did pass a bill which would continue funding for certified teachers for five more years. This is different from the first five years in that it is up to the local school boards to decide if they want to be involved. They can choose any amount up to $1,000, and the state will match that amount. After these five years, the school board will then have to decide if they want to continue without any matching funds from the state.

We are also into conference committees to bring resolution to bills to which amendments have been made. This takes a lot of time.

It has been great serving you. There are a couple of more days to finish up our work.

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