Pulpit Reflections

Pulpit Reflections
Are you excited? "March Madness" is in full swing and we're down to the final four teams.

I read recently that the only event that people bet more on than the Super Bowl is the NCAA men's basketball tournament. With the advancemnt of George Mason (it's a school in the D.C. area, not the name of a person!) to the "Final Four" there is sure to be a buzz around the water cooler all this week. People are talking about their brackets and predictions and getting ready for the final three games this weekend.

Are you excited? The Lenten season is in full swing and we're down to the final two weeks before Easter.

With the advancement of Jesus to the cross, is there a buzz around the water cooler this week? There is where I work, but then again, I work in a church office and it seems pretty natural that there would be a buzz as we work towards putting together all the extra bulletins and worship services that go with Holy Week.

I'd be willing to wager there will be a buzz in your congregation on Easter Sunday (April 16). I am willing to predict that there will be more people in worship on that day than there were on the Sundays on either side of Easter. Are you willing to take that bet? I don't think I would get many takers on that wager, because outside of maybe Christmas, there are more people in chuch on Easter than there are on any other worship occasion.

So, why don't we carry that same excitement about our faith all year long? Why can't we even generate the same excitement about faith and worship as we do about sporting events? After all, sports are just entertainment, but faith is life. And not just life on this earth, but life together with God for all eternity.

The NCAA basketball tournament will crown a champion Monday. The glory of that team will soon fade. But God crowned a champion for all humanity and for all time on that first Easter. That's something truly worth celebrating, so go to church and "sing praises to the Lord!"

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