School resource rooms welcome student teacher

School resource rooms welcome student teacher
Cody Lukkes, student teacher from The University of South Dakota, has started his student teaching in Wakonda Special Education Director Stephanie Light's room.

Lukkes is originally from Tyndall and is now attending USD. He looks forward to graduation in December of 2006. Lukkes graduated from Bon Homme High School in 2002, predicting his future career in special education. He plans to student teach at his alma mater, Bon Homme, with the elementary students this fall.

Lukkes' hobbies include swimming, volleyball, and running. For his future he plans to stay close to home with his career, but is undecided on what age group is best for him to be teaching.

One of the first projects Lukkes did was to have the sixth graders create a PowerPoint slide show of the 2006 Iditarod mushers. After viewing the slide show each Wakonda School class, kindergarten through 12th grade, has selected a musher they believe has the best chance of winning this year's race.

Another project Lukkes created was an Iditarod Web Quest: ~clukkes. When you go to this Web site, click on 2006 Iditarod Web Quest. Students will learn race rules, history, geography and develop their research skills while creating a pamphlet/advertisement for the Iditarod. Many forms of technology will be incorporated in their final projects.

In math class, Lukkes has the students solving story problems that relate to the race. All types of math skills and concepts are being reviewed which will give the students practice for the Dakota Step Test next month.

The second-grade class is reading The Bravest Dog Ever, the true story of Balto, by Natalie Standiford. Third and fourth graders are reading Balto and the Great Race by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel. Black Star and Bright Dawn, by Scott O'Dell, is being read by the sixth grade.

Next month Lukkes will move to Ms. White's room to work with the seventh- through 12-grade students.

Lukkes is appreciative of the opportunity to work in the Wakonda School District. He says, "The faculty and students have been very friendly and have taught me a lot through student teaching."

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