Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight
Tyler Knudson was born in Sioux Falls on Aug. 31, 1987 to Cheryl and Dennis Knudson. Tyler has one sibling, Lindsay Knudson, currently attending the University of Mary.

Tyler, or "Knute" as many call him, will graduate from Wakonda High School realizing life is short. Because of that he reminds all his underclassmen to enjoy life while you can � have fun.

When looking for Tyler, one might want to try his house first. That's where his games are � enough video games to have a rental business. He also admits to being a bit disorganized at times. One just needs to open his locker door to discover Tyler's laid-back style. He is best known for saying, "It happens." Perhaps this is why most people like him. "Knute" can get a long with anyone and seems to know a lot about every topic under the sun.

Tyler's hero is his grandpa. His grandpa taught him the value of hard work, the importance of being nice to people, and how each human being deserves respect.

Tyler will miss high school and his funniest memories � most of them involved a boy named Trevor Bryson. Also, Tyler's been known to pull some pranks, such as hiding teachers' books. He'll have to make new memories in his next pursuit in Watertown. Tyler plans to attend Lake Area Vo-Tech where he will pursue a career in electronics.

Knute will never forget Joe, Rob, and the rest of his classmates. Tyler says to remember him as an intellectual, because he is leaving behind his wisdom and his locker if anyone wants it.

Tyler participated in basketball (four years), track (three years), football (two years), and cross country (one year). He says the first thing he will do when he leaves Wakonda is to experience life.

Tyler Knudson would like to thank his parents for their support and love for him throughout the years.

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