Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight
Ashley Karen Anderson, daughter of Bruce and Linda Anderson, will leave Wakonda High School with no regrets.

Ashley, the youngest of two children, was born May 20, 1988, in Mesa, AZ. Ashley has one older brother, Adam, who attends Mitchell Technical Institute for heating and cooling.

Ashley moved to Wakonda in the year 2000 and entered seventh grade. During her six years at Wakonda she has participated in basketball (four years), golf (two years), volleyball (four years), Teens in Action (two years), and Peer Helpers (two years).

When remembering all of the good times at WHS, Ashley remembers her most embarrassing moment: "I said our national bird was the turkey." Her funniest moment was when she fell off the stage practicing for eighth grade graduation.

Ashley's favorite kind of music is country and her favorite movies are Love and Basketball and Remember the Titans. "Heck Yes!" is Ashley's coined phrase.

It really bothers Ashley, in fact it's her pet peeve, when people come to school sick because they get everyone else sick.

Ashley will be missed for her huge smile, ability to make strangers laugh, and her will to win. Ashley reminds underclassmen to enjoy high school while you can because before you know it, it's gone. Her last words are "don't take life too serious, live it up and have the best time you can."

Ashley's future plans are to attend Southeast Technical Institute for graphic design.

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