Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight
Ashley Steffen was born in Yankton on May 30, 1988. Ashley is the daughter of Roger and Marsha Steffen, sister to Brian and Chelsey, and mother to a beautiful daughter, Mariah. Ashley will graduate knowing to "never take life for granted and enjoy it."

Ashley's most embarrassing moment was when she was "de-pantsed" in PE in front of a really cute guy and her funniest memory will always be when Trevor Bryson slipped on a grape and fell.

Ashley would also like to remind next year's graduates to "enjoy high school; it goes by fast." Ashley is also known as "Ash-O" because her hero is Oprah and in her younger days, the "Steffenator." She is best known for saying "love you long time" and people will always remember her always with some type of food, like candy or gum.

Ashley's favorite movies are Little Rascals, Replacements, and The Longest Yard. Her favorite type of music is country, the oldies and R&B. She obviously doesn't discriminate.

Ashley was involved in basketball stats (three years), FCCLA (two years), cross country (two years), and track (two years).

One thing Ashley wishes she would have done is enjoyed high school more and tried to get straight A's. Her biggest regret is not spending much time with her classmates and friends, although she will never forget them.

She would also like to thank her friends for being there when she needed them and for all the great memories.

Ashley will be attending either NAU or Southeast Tech, both in Sioux Falls, for medical assistant, LPN. Ashley's last words are "Don't regret not doing something and to work hard because it pays off in the end."

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