Small Claims

Small Claims
The following judgements were entered March 14, 2006 in the Small Claims Division of the First Judicial Circuit in Clay County. The debtor is listed first, the creditor is listed second.

Susan L. Olson, PO Box 211, Tabor, to Tri County Oil & Propane Inc., PO Box 435, Irene, $292.40.

Jodi Martinez, 175 Sycamore #101, Vermillion, to City of Vermillion, $155.89.

Terri Peterson, 807 Cottage #23, Vermillion, to City of Vermillion, $413.03.

Marshall Van Scoyk, 31238 453rd Ave., Meckling, to City of Vermillion, $204.94.

Katherine M. Melstad, 420 S. Norbeck, Vermillion, to Jones' Food Center, $269.99.

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