State parks reopen after bald eagle roosting

State parks reopen after bald eagle roosting
Three recreation areas located immediately below the dams on Missouri River reservoirs will soon reopen to vehicle traffic and camping.

Since last fall, portions of these parks have been closed to leave roosting bald eagles undisturbed.

The following areas will reopen:

  • Chief White Crane Recreation Area, near Yankton, on April 1.
  • Oahe Downstream Recreation Area campgrounds, near Pierre, on April 1.
  • Randall Creek Recreation Area campgrounds, near Pickstown, on May 1.

    Bald eagles typically spend their winters below the Missouri River dams where they are able to catch fish and prey on waterfowl attracted to the open water. Game, Fish and Parks officials closed these areas to camping and vehicle traffic. If disturbed, the bald eagles may abandon their roosts.

    These three parks are the only South Dakota state park campgrounds that close during the winter.

    For informational information on bald eagles in state parks, please visit the South Dakota state park Web site at

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