USD education students visit local Hutterische colony

USD education students visit local Hutterische colony
Fifteen student teachers from The University of South Dakota visited the Bon Homme Hutterische Colony recently to experience the unique classroom settings and culturally diverse student populations the colony has to offer.�

Each semester, before heading out to complete a full 12 weeks of student teaching, students in the School of Education at USD visit the Bon Homme Hutterische Colony for a chance to interact with students and learn about the diversity they will experience in their own future careers as teachers.�During these visits, USD students interact with the children and are offered a tour of the colony. The visits are an extremely valuable experience for future teachers, giving them hands-on experience and broadening their views.�

"Their culture is in such contrast to the one I grew up in, live in, and see all around me. It was surreal to be there and see how they live," said Michael Anderson, student teacher. "It was a great testament to the breadth and width of human difference that I may travel less than a hundred miles from where I go to school and see a culture so different from my own. It was an eye-opening experience."�

"Visiting the colony was a heart-warming experience. The atmosphere was so inviting.The teachers and students made all of us feel welcome with an open door" added Sarah Geddes, student teacher.�

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