Wakonda students talk about abortion bill

Wakonda students talk about abortion bill
In the past legislative session, one issue emerged over the fray: abortion.

Introduced by Rep. Rodger Hunt (R-Brandon), the bill would outlaw all abortions except if the mother's life is at risk. Its passing launched South Dakota onto the national stage.

Wakonda is like many of the small towns across the state. Sioux Falls is just around the corner, but in our sleepy little community, some think the abortion issue is miles away. However, the students of Wakonda High School are thinking about the recent bill.

Ken Wright, the sociology teacher at Wakonda, had his students write an essay on the abortion issue. The students had to use a sociological perspective when writing the essay, and had to equally represent both sides of the issue.

Adrianne Logue, a junior in Wright's sociology class, thought that the paper was a good idea.

"It gave us a chance to research both sides of this controversial issue and allowed us to develop our own opinions."

Forty-seven students in grades nine to 12 were polled on where they stood on the abortion issue. The slim majority of students asserted that they were pro-life, yet 28 students thought that the abortion bill was flawed. Over 35 students also thought that exceptions should be made in the bill for rape and incest.

There is no denying that the abortion issue never seems to go away. South Dakota is the first state to pass a bill of this magnitude, but we can be assured that more will follow.

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