Boys’ tennis team opens season

Boys' tennis team opens season
The Tanager boys' tennis team fell to the Yankton Bucks in the opening season quadrangular as they were unable to win a match against a dominating opponent in the first match of the meet, held at the Yankton Memorial Park tennis courts last Saturday, April 1.

All matches were eight-game Proset scoring.

Coach Jon Reuvers has a real young team of nine freshmen, sixth- through eighth-graders and one seventh- grader.

Team Scores: Yankton 9, Vermillion 0.

Singles: Robbie Beard (Y) def. Sam McBride 8-0; Brandon Eisenbraun (Y) def. Dominick Jones 8-1; Jordan Alton (Y) def. Jordan Robinson 8-1; Lucas Rasmussen (Y) def. Jimmy Lai 8-0; Caleb Cooke (Y) def. AJ Walker 8-0; Ben Loving (Y) def. Tyler Kielman 8-0.

Doubles: Beard/Eisenbraun (Y) def. McBride/Jones 8-1; Alton/Rasmussen (Y) def. Robinson/Lai 8-1; Syrus Sorinson/ Jacob Rockne (Y) def. Walker/ Kielman 8-2.

The second match of the quadrangular pitted the Tanagers against Sioux City Heelan.

Team Scores: Vermillion 1, Heelan 8.

Singles: Dan Huehl (H) def. Sam McBride 8-3; Brandon Froelich (H) def. Dominick Jones 9-8 (7-5); Jordan Robinson (V) def. David Zung 8-6; Syeve Sherley (H) def. Jimmy Lai 8-2; Jake Clay (H) def. AJ Walker 8-5; Tim Rickert (H) def. Tyler Kielman 8-1.

Doubles: Huehl/Froelich (H) def. McBride/Jones 8-2; Zung/ Sherley (H) def. Robinson/Lai 8-4; Clay/Rickert (H) def. Walker/Kielman 8-2.

Sioux City North was the opponent in the third Tanager match.

Team Scores: North 9, Vermillion 0.

Singles: Quinn Knepper (N) def. McBride 8-5; Alex Gustavson (N) def. Jones 8-5; Jameson Schoenfelder (N) def. Robinson 9-8; Chris McCormick (N) def. Lai 8-5; Chad Piersma (N) def. Walker 8-2; EC VanCura (N) def. Kielman 8-4.

Doubles: Knepper/Gustavson def. McBride/Jones 8-1; Schoenfelder/McCormick def. Robinson/Lai 8-6; Piersma/ VanCuran def. Walker/Kielman 8-0.

"We played very hard and I am pleased with our performances," coach Reuvers said. "We have gained from this competition and the learning experience will show improvement in our next match."

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