Burbach retires after 21 years

Burbach retires after 21 years
After twenty-one of years of dedicated service to Clay-Union Electric, Dick Burbach has decided to retire from his position as accounts representative.

Over the years Burbach has patrolled a lot of line with his job of collections. He said that he would patrol close to 2,500 miles a month while spot checking meters, collecting bills, and doing meter changes.

Along with all the miles, Burbach said he saw a few close calls, not so much with him but other vehicles. He remembers when a vehicle went through an intersection and hit another vehicle which resulted in one vehicle going into the ditch. Burbach said he saw the accident happen and checked to see that everyone was all lucky enough to not be seriously injured. He then radioed his office to send out an ambulance.

Burbach also commented on the number of storms he had seen over the years and the amount of lightning and the different sizes of lightning bolts, but he never actually saw a tornado on the ground � "a few in the air but none on the ground," he said.

In retirement, Burbach will miss "meeting the members" the most. He said that he enjoyed being that contact for members and being able to help with some of their needs. He also said that he would stop by to see the employee group whenever he could, because of all the good memories he had.

As for the future Burbach said he is not making any big plans and that he is taking things one day at a time. If he and his wife Irma decide to go for a few days, they will, and if something comes along and they decide to stay a few days, they will.

Burbach also plans on doing a little more fishing, hunting and just enjoying the river in his spare time.

Everyone at Clay-Union Electric wishes Burbach good luck and hopes he and Irma enjoy their retirement years.

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