Conceptual model of new city hall unveiled

Conceptual model of new city hall unveiled
Bob Fuller, a member of a 12-person citizens' committee that was given the task of researching the need and various solutions, if necessary for a new city hall in Vermillion, was thrilled to appear before the Vermillion City Council Monday.

Fuller and fellow committee members Nikki Peters and Howard Willson unveiled a conceptual model created by a consulting architectural firm that shows how the new city hall may appear.

The result is a building with a lower level and higher level roof, an atrium, and a high entrance covered by a sweeping arch.

Fuller noted that the model is only a concept and the final building may have an entirely different appearance.

The conceptual design follows countless hours of work by the committee. From March 2004 to July 2005, the group held 24 meetings, conducted three public forums, met with several community leaders, conducted a tour of the present city hall and kept busy researching the data they were gathering.

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The committee also hired a consulting architectural firm to conduct a space needs assessment of the existing city hall. It concluded that it would not be feasible to attempt to refurbish the old building. The committee also concluded that the old building, even if refurbished, couldn't meet the long-range needs of the community.

The committee initially developed a list of 20 potential sites for the new city hall. Finalist among this group included the Bank of the West building, the site of the Fullerton Lumber Company, the southeast corner of Market and Kidder streets where the old National Guard Armory is located, and current city hall site.

A second committee, appointed in the fall of 2005, eventually decided to recommend that the new city hall be constructed on the site of the present city hall.

"This recommendation includes purchasing the property just east of the current city hall, relocating the city employees to a temporary location, removing the current city hall building and three nearby houses, and constructing the new city hall," Fuller said.

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