Coyoteopoly gathering supplies for Iraqi kids

Coyoteopoly gathering supplies for Iraqi kids
A group of business students at The University of South Dakota is teaming up with Operation Iraqi Children, a national organization created to send school supplies to children in Iraq.

Coyoteopoly will begin its drive on April 8 at Trinity Lutheran Church, where students will go door to door throughout the community collecting items.�

Coyoteopoly is asking the Vermillion community and students for school kit donations, individual item donations, or monetary donations. Each school kit will contain basic items that can make a world of difference to a child who awaits the opportunity to attend school. Some of the items needed are as simple as a pair of scissors or a package of notebook paper.� �

Coyoteopoly is an interdisciplinary student service learning project that is composed of students from the School of Business at USD. Coyoteopoly has a history of community service that includes conducting food donation drives for the Trinity Lutheran Church food pantry as well as collecting 898 pounds of goods for the 86th Combat Surgical Hospital in Iraq last spring.

For more information about OIC and the school kits visit

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