For the Record

For the Record
April 14 -April 20, 2006.

Steve V. Lammers, 55533 883 Rd., Hartington, NE: Tow trailer without safety chains, $25 plus costs.

Larry Schou, 1809 Baylor St., Vermillion: Renewal registration during assigned month, $50 plus costs.

Wesley Wayne Peterson Jr., 614 35th St., Sioux City, IA: Municipal speeding, $29 plus costs.

Jeremy D. Plantenberg, 88950 552 Ave., Crofton, NE: Speeding other roadways, $15 plus costs.

Yien G. Jack, 2302 I St., #1, Auburn, WA: Speeding on state highway, $15 plus costs.

Gary W. Jones, 804 S. Williams Ave., Sioux Falls: County speeding, $58 plus costs.

Jonathan Lakatos, 707 N. Plum, #317, Vermillion: No drivers license, $20 plus costs.

Colby J. White, 3312 Transit Ave., #5, Sioux City, IA: Speeding other roadways, $35 plus costs.

Jordan Mayer, 30631 458th Ave., Wakonda: County speeding, $78 plus costs.

James Voudry, 833 Duke St., #21, Vermillion: No drivers license, $19 plus costs.

Brad Brunick, 933 Tom St., Vermillion: Driving with suspended (not revoked) license, $175 plus costs; Fail to maintain financial responsibility, costs; Renewal registration during assigned month, costs.

David W. Campbell II, 439 High St., Vermillion: Seat belt violation, $20.

Paula Meseck, 1212 K Ave., Charter Oak, IA: Seat belt violation, $20 plus costs.

Matthew J. Flett, 800 N. Plum, #133, Vermillion: Fail to obey lawful order, dismissed � motion by prosecutor.

Mollie Stapleman, 724 Ratingen, #303, Yankton: Municipal speeding, $49 plus costs.

Carrie Winterringer, 2400 Douglas Ave., #2, Yankton: Seat belt violation; $20.

Josephine Kronaizl, 1007 N. Walts Ave., Sioux Falls: Speeding on state highway, $15 plus costs.

David Cornemann, 300 Valley Dr., Yankton: Fail to use child passenger restraint system, $20 plus costs.

Nathan Meisner, 401 N. Dakota, 501 Julian, Vermillion: No drivers license, $44 plus costs.

Marty Hoiten, 1700 E. Ivy Pl., Sioux Falls: Seat belt violation, $20.

Jayson David Strauss, 5921 S. Dublin St., Sioux Falls: Municipal speeding, $29 plus costs.

Jamie C. Behan, 314 Austin, #14, Vermillion: Driving while license is canceled, $75 plus costs.

Renae Vanwyk, 5481 280th St., Sanborn, IA: Speeding other roadways, $15 plus costs.

Cole Shane Blom, 323 Dartmouth, Vermillion: Possession of alcohol by minor, $50 plus costs.

Douglas Wieseler, 315 Crawford Rd., Vermillion: Failure to make proper stop at stop intersection, $50 plus costs; No drivers license, dismissed � motion by prosecutor.

Rebecca J. Scholz, 4902 Holly Ln., Buford, GA: Municipal speeding, dismissed � motion by prosecutor.

Timothy A. Lynde, 1307 Belair Rd., Yankton: County speeding, $58 plus costs.

Mary Dell Cody presiding April 14 -April 20, 2006.

Nicolas Mehlhaff, 4524 S. River Oaks Dr., Sioux Falls: Driving under the influence, first offense, $350 plus costs, five (5) days jail. Five days jail is suspended based on the following conditions: 1. Get an alcohol evaluation and provide proof to file.

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