Forum focuses on immigration

Forum focuses on immigration
The University of South Dakota School of Business will host its monthly International Forum on Wednesday, April 12, at noon in Farber Hall in Old Main.

The discussion is titled "Too Many Immigrants � Are Jobs and Security at Risk?" and it will address a variety of timely issues and concerns surrounding the recent flurry of debate on immigration.

Panelists include David Carr, assistant professor of economics at USD, Rubi Mendez, instructor of Spanish at USD, and Melissa O'Rourke, attorney and School of Law adjunct professor of immigration law. Dr. Benno Wymar, professor emeritus of economics, will moderate.

With large demonstrations throughout the U.S., immigration issues are again receiving intensive attention. Are the many new immigrants depressing wages or even causing difficulties for the U.S. middle class to survive?�On the other hand, how will sectors such as agriculture and the service industry survive without an ample supply of immigrants willing to work for lower wages? Do these immigrants represent a security risk for the U.S.?�These and other topics will be taken up by the panelists.

As for the past 15 years, the International Forum is open to the public at no charge. �

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