Hoover to present story behind new history book

Hoover to present story behind new history book
Dr. Herbert T. Hoover will present the story behind the recently published book, A New South Dakota History on Friday, April 28 at the Vermillion Public Library.

The book is a new telling of South Dakota's unique, surprising, colorful and sometimes painful history. The first new interpretation of the state's history in more than 40 years, A New South Dakota History emphasizes the complicated story of our state and its amazing diversity. It offers new perspectives on South Dakota's history and future.

Hoover, professor of history at The University of South Dakota, will tell how the need for this book was recognized and how it was created.

Sixteen authors contributed essays on Lakota spirituality, Native American peoples and modern Sioux tribes; Missouri Valley Culture, Yankee and European immigration and the African American experience; farming and ranching, the Black Hills, small-town and urban life, geography, territorial and state politics, religious institutions, health care, communications, transportation and tourism; the arts and the challenges and promises facing South Dakota.

Contributors include Native American authors Vine Deloria Jr., and Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve; Betti C. VanEpps-Taylor, biographer of Oscar Micheaux; university professors Herbert Hoover, John Miller, Ruth Ann Alexander, Edward Hogan, Carol Goss Hoover, Rex Myers, Edward Hogan, journalist Bob Lee, David Wolff, Arthur Huseboe, Michael Mullin, Gary Olson, Lynwood Oyos, and Ron Robinson.

The 650-page book includes 150 photos and illustrations and is available in hardcover and soft cover. Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the luncheon.

Hoover, a living legend at USD, has taught for 40 years, authored 20 books, and consulted and appeared in numerous films. He is a pioneer in the history of Indian-white relations, oral history and Missouri Valley Culture. Hoover is the Director of South Dakota Oral History Center and served as Director of USD's Indian Studies Program. He has appeared as an expert witness in numerous federal court cases.

Hoover's appearance at the annual Literary Luncheon is one of the activities celebrating National Library Week at the Vermillion Public Library. Tickets are $9 per person and can be purchased at the Vermillion Public Library on or before Wednesday, April 25.

For more information, call the library at 677-7060 or e-mail vpl@sdln.net. For more information about A New South Dakota History, visit www.augie.edu/cws.

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