Remember the baby

To the editor:

In regards to the issue of abortion and the discussion by Mrs. Paltrow from New York, it's strange that she would say most mothers who have had abortion have already given life.

She admits openly that there is life, yet she advocates the murder of the babies by abortion.

She calls it choice. I don't want to hear about choice. We have choices every day of our lives but we don't have to commit murder in the process. You can call it what you want, but there's only one book, one law which I have to present in this letter and that's the law of our creator.

I don't want to place the blame at Mrs. Paltrow's doorstep but if every young woman that was considering an abortion would take a step to the other side of the person involved, it would make a tremendous, if not profound, impact upon the very heinous moral crime itself.

The other person I'm speaking of is the baby.

First off, the baby has no rights whatsoever. The woman carrying the child is making the decision for it. In the ensuing moments prior to oxygen entering the baby's lungs, the baby feels the dark, cold hands of the doctor ready to take its life. If he or she could cry out, who would listen, who would care?

I tell you now that the God of heaven listens, and these precious, precious babies' blood cries out from the earth.

And Mrs. Paltrow from New York, lays claim to the rights of the babies by presenting distorted, frivolous views.

The same distorted view of the Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

To present the plain truth of the matter, the women wanting these abortions have their own agendas, their own time, their own pleasures, and they will not let anybody or anything present itself in the way. I believe that's a large problem with America today, such selfishness.

Although all the young women seeking these abortion don't really understand the negative results of their decisions (or whoever makes it for them). These young women will be traumatized for their entire lives. And it's so sad indeed.

God help America on this issue. It's my prayer that our United States Supreme Justices will overturn this issue and make it a crime before another 40 million lives are snuffed out.

Americans everywhere need to repent and turn to the creator and beg forgiveness for this heinous crime against our creator and against each other.

Martin Rudd

Rainelle, WV

Sees abortion ban as setback

To the editor:

I want to thank the Plain Talk of Vermillion for publishing the Paltrow article. I did not realize how serious Gov. Rounds and the rest of the lawmakers are about banning abortion until I read it.

Whether I believe in abortion or not is not the issue. The issue is are we, as women, going to let the government set back our rights 40-plus years? We finally have gotten to the point where women do have a say about their bodies, now they want to take that right away from us.

By banning abortion we will see a lot of coat hanger and crochet hook abortions. With this goes infections and death. We will also see a lot of underground abortions by butchers as we did before. What we saw with this was environments that were not clean. We saw needless deaths and permanent damage to women who needlessly would not have to go to this extreme if the law was left alone.

What gives government the right to play God and make women answer to them on this issue? There is only one God and he will do the judging on Judgment Day.

There are so many reason for abortion besides just not wanting the baby. A few of those reasons are health issues of the mother, rape, incest, and health issues of the unborn child. What gives the governor or anyone else to right to say we have to risk our lives ? You say use preventative methods. Some women cannot use the pill or other devices to prevent pregnancy. Then there are condoms, which are not full protection either. What about no sex at all? Do you really think that is going to happen?

One thing that has been said is the morning after pill. If you believe the way the governor thinks, that life begins at conception, isn't that murder? Are you going to hold the pharmacy, along with the doctor, the woman and the government that ban legal abortion on trial for murder?

If we are going to ban abortion for women, what are we going to do to for the offending male? Are we going to castrate him? Why did they not have some responsibility in this act?

Abortion is a personal issue. If you were raised with values it will not be used to get out of a predicament that was caused by your foolish behaviors. Women know right from wrong and if they don't, is that not their choice? Are they not the ones that have to live with this choice the rest of their life?

Citizens, hold your lawmakers responsible for the laws they want to put through. Their personal beliefs should not enter the laws they make. Let them hear your voices.

Roxan Brown


Happy to drift along

To the editor:

According to author Steve Jarding, recent speaker at the USD Law School, America is "adrift" due to lack of leadership (see Plain Talk front page April 21).

Let's look at reality: Unemployment in the U.S. is at its lowest in decades, the economy is doing very well with the stock market the highest it's been in a couple of decades, America has taken the war to the terrorists rather than waiting for them to attack us again because President Bush has had the courage to keep his word in a tough situation, the Bush tax cut has saved Americans 880 billion dollars in money the government would have spent on more wasteful programs (the American people are still not under-taxed), the president has appointed really fine jurists to the Supreme Court and the president and first lady are actually decent ordinary people who have not shamed us with financial shenanigans or sex scandals.

Do we have problems? Of course we do! Anyone who thinks we or any other nation can exist in this world without facing problems needs a reality check. But if the U.S. is "adrift," I'll be happy to drift along this way for quite a while.

Robert Grossmann


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