Ostrem takes over as librarian; enjoys reading, listening to students

Ostrem takes over as librarian; enjoys reading, listening to students
Carla Ostrem has taken over as the Wakonda's School/City librarian.

Her duties became effective on Nov. 1, 2005.

Ostrem and her husband, Thomas, have two sons, Joe, 29, Justin, 10, and one daughter, Carrie, 24. She is also a grandma to Kyra Rose (Carrie's daughter) and a mother-in-law to Kelly Hill.

Ostrem likes to do a lot of gardening during the spring and summer.

"I love my flowers," she said.

She does a little golfing in the summer and bowls in the winter. However, she likes to read all through the year, more now since she has become the librarian.

Her work experience has been mostly in the food service business. Ostrem managed the Volin Caf� for many years and worked in the deli department at Jones' Food in Vermillion.

Ostrem enjoys reading and listening to the kids at school � her favorite part of being librarian. The younger kids enjoy all the books they get to take home to their parents and have them read to them, or they read to their parents.

Her least favorite thing is the quietness the library brings.

She says, "I was used to being around a lot of people and noise, now I have to make sure that we don't get too loud in the library."

The most challenging aspect of this new job is getting overdue books back in the library. She still has a lot to learn yet, but she is getting there.

Ostrem encourages the community and students to come and check out a book. It really is a beautiful library with tons of resources for your brain.

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