Science on the Move visits Wakonda School

Science on the Move visits Wakonda School
Science on the Move is a program that consists of two mobile science labs, each over 70 feet long, that travel around South Dakota schools to stay for one to three days. It allows students of those schools to participate in a wide variety of experiments.

"Jerry Opbroek, a former science teacher at Mitchell High School, and Bob VanderLinde, also a former science teacher from Elk Point High School, are in charge of this whole idea," said Larry Wynia, science teacher at Wakonda High School.

Science on the Move teaches a wide variety of science experiments. The science teacher at the participating school chooses experiments for their classes at their schools. This program began during former Governor William Janklow's administration. The labs themselves were actually built at Mike Durfee State Prison in Springfield.

Payment for equipment and gas comes from donations but there are concerns that there won't be enough funds to carry on this project next year.

"When I decided to have them come, last summer I attended a week of classes at SDSU so that Wakonda Schools could have the mobile science lab visit. I wanted all students to get an idea about the different experiments that were available and to be able to participate in ones that we don't have at our school," Wynia said.

Wynia is sure of the benefits the program provides to students at participating schools.

"Students get to do experiments they wouldn't get to do otherwise, due to lack of equipment at our school," he said. "I feel that it was a great educational experience for our students."

Kindergarten through eighth-grade students, along with the sophomores were able to participate.

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