Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight
Robert Gregoire, or "Rob," was born on Jan. 22, 1988 in Yankton, to proud parents Tim and Johanna Gregoire. Rob has one sibling attending the University of Wyoming, Andrea Gregoire.

Activities Rob participated in include: cross country (four years), basketball (four years), and track (four years). During his high school athlete years at Wakonda High, Rob will be remembered as the two-time state championship runner in cross country and his stand-out running career.

Rob can always be found at the Knudson, Peterson, or Skonhovd houses eating all their food. He is best known for saying, "It happens" and "It's good for ya!"

One thing Rob learned about life is that when you work hard you can accomplish anything. Friends Robert will never forget are his classmates and his teammates. Rob says his locker looks like Tyler's messy locker because Mrs. Knudson was always putting notes and papers in it.

Robert Gregoire would like to say thank you to his parents, teachers coaches and Mrs. Knudson for all they did for him and keeping him in line. He plans to attend USD for business; as well as running for the Coyotes with a track and cross country scholarship. Rob's last words are, "Be nice to the lunch ladies and you will get more food; also be careful on the stairs when your shoes are wet."

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