Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight
Sandra June Geuther, "Sandy" or "Geuther" as many of her friends call her, was born in Yankton, on May 6, 1988 to Vickie Mensch-Geuther and DelRay Geuther.

Sandra's activities include: 4-H, 10 years; volleyball, two years; FCCLA, two years; Youth Group, two years; and Chorus, four years. She has also been in South East South Dakota Horse Show Association (SESDHSA) for 11 years.

You can find Sandra watching her favorite movie Save the Last Dance, or listening to her all-time favorite music such as punk, rock and hip-hop with her boyfriend, Nick G.

Friends Sandra won't forget are her classmates, as well as Erin Hesla, Melissa Goetz, and Katie Gylfe. Her step-mom Amber is one of her heroes mostly because she has been there for her through some tough times.

One of her funniest memories was seeing Nick's face when they were watching the movie Wrong Turn together the first day they met.

Some of Geuther's pet peeves include when people leave hair in the hair brush and when people crack their knuckles.

Her most embarrassing moment was when she and Nick were walking and she asked him, "How many miles are in 10 miles?"

You may find Sandra in the halls of Wakonda High School saying her favorite quote, "Give and it shall be given to you!" Her biggest regret is not socializing more with her classmates. She leaves Wakonda with the knowledge to always try to be positive.

The advice she leaves the juniors is enjoy life in high school while it lasts and have fun. She would like to thank Mrs. Knudson and all the teachers at Wakonda High School for helping her through school, as well as her father for always being there through her life.

Her last words for her senior year are, "The hardest challenges in life accomplished, in the end make a person the happiest!"

When Sandra leaves Wakonda she plans on getting a job while attending South East Tech in Sioux Falls for business administration.

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