Sprayer tune-up clinics to be held

Sprayer tune-up clinics to be held
Producers can attend a sprayer clinic to get help get their sprayers ready for the field.

The South Dakota State Cooperative Extension Service, in conjunction with the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, are holding a clinic on June 8 at the Southeast Research Farm, rural Beresford. The program will run from 1 to 4:30 p.m.

"The purpose of these trainings is to help individuals take a look at their sprayers and determine if they're ready to spray," said SDSU Pesticide Educator Jim Wilson.

"We need to make sure that lines and strainers are clean, that nozzles are functioning properly, and that hoses are in good shape."

Part of the sprayer tune-up clinics will be held in the classroom but those attending will also spend a good share of time outside working on actual sprayers.

"One of the big issues we will be looking at is how to calibrate your sprayer," Wilson said. "Calibration is one of those issues that seldom is done, and when it is done, it's often not done properly. So we hope to simplify the calibration process to ensure that individuals are putting on the appropriate amount when they're applying pesticides."

Content at each clinic will vary according to local needs.

Contact Matt Bernau at the Clay County Extension Office, 605-677-7111, if you have questions or for more information.

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