Vermillion-Jones’ Food team has winning season

Vermillion-Jones' Food team has winning season
The Vermillion � Jones' Food fifth grade basketball team has completed a winning season, highlighted by claiming the state championship crown at the Willie Mac Tournament held April 7-8.

"We won all three games," assistant coach Bill Settles said. "These were the only games we played in Vermillion all season. We had a large crowd of parents, relatives, and fifth grade girls."

Head coach of the team was Kirk Hogen.

This same group of players won the Willie Mac tourney as fourth graders last year.

The team also claimed championships in competitions throughout its season, including a 3 on 3 match-up held at Sioux City North Nov. 12 and competition held at Morningside Nov. 14-15, in which the Jones' Food team defeated a very good "Saders" (Heelan) team in championship play at Allee Gym.

On March 17-18, the Vermillion team defeated Deuel in championship play 28-17 at Augustana.

In other accomplishments, the fifth grade Vermillion team was runner up at the 3 on 3 Tri-State Challenge at South Sioux City, NE, Nov. 5, was runner up at Tri-Valley Nov. 18-19, and was runner up at Alcester Jan. 7.

"Most of the teams we played were a lot bigger than us, but we passed the ball a lot," Settles said, "and beat them with quickness and by being in better shape."

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