‘Viva La Difference Award’ to honor outstanding career service employee

'Viva La Difference Award' to honor outstanding career service employee
The Campus Diversity Enhancement Group (CDEG) has established the Viva La Difference Award.

This prize will be awarded to a career service employee at The University of South Dakota, who through action, effort, or attitude, promotes the university's values of creating a warmly welcoming environment where diversity and cultural difference can be celebrated and nourished.�

The award was developed in order to recognize those on the "front line" of service to students, staff and community.� Jolane Engelhart, a CDEG committee member and International Student Advisor, thought of the award after several positive experiences with clerical staff and Facilities Management employees.

"Career service staff plays a huge role in the care and daily operation of this institution but are often not recognized for their important role in creating a welcoming campus climate. It was the committee's hope that through this acknowledgement, we could bring greater attention to their impact on enhancing diversity at the U," Engelhart explained.

Nomination forms are currently available in the Office of the President, DakotaDome Athletic Office, International Student Affairs, Institutional Diversity and in the Coyote Student Activities Center. Completed applications are due by Thursday, April 20. The first award will be presented May 16 at the annual meeting and picnic for CSA Staff.

Anyone affiliated with USD is encouraged to submit a nomination but the prize can only be awarded to a member of the career service staff.

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