Wakonda board meets April 12

Wakonda board meets April 12
The regular Wakonda School Board meeting will be held Wednesday, April 12, at 7 p.m. in the Family and Consumer Sciences Room.

After approving the agenda, minutes of the March regular meeting, the financial reports, and the bills, the following agenda items will be discussed:

1. Upcoming meetings and special school events.

2. Administrative reports.

3. SDCS, legislative, and insurance reports.

4. Approve the reorganization plan between Wakonda and Irene School districts.

5. Summer help.

6. Membership in the Other Income group.

7. Lease on the skidloader from Mark's Machinery.

8 Equipment needs.

9. Summer projects.

10. Health Inspection Review.

11. Staffing for 2006-07.

12. Other miscellaneous items may be added to the agenda.

The public is invited to attend all school board meetings.

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