Wonderful ‘Terrible lizards’ arriving at Vermillion library

Wonderful 'Terrible lizards' arriving at Vermillion library
Visitors of all ages will enjoy learning about a variety of prehistoric beasts in Dinostories, a hands-on exhibit to be held at the Vermillion Public Library.

This exhibit, brought to you by the Hands-On (HOP) Partnership for Science, Literature and Art in South Dakota, invites visitors to sit in reading chairs the size of real dinosaur heads or crawl into a model dinosaur nest with eggs. Unearth a fossil cast of an ancient dinosaur or test your knowledge in a matching dinosaur name game.

The exhibit will take you through 15 fascinating dinosaur topics and offer you a glimpse into the world of long ago when these beasts roamed our planet.

The exhibit will be located in the Vermillion Public Library's Children's Department May 3-28 during regular business hours. For more information, contact Kristen Monroe, 605-677-7060.

HOP partners include South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, South Dakota Discovery Center & Aquarium of Pierre, Dahl Arts Center of Rapid City, and the South Dakota State Library and Rawlins Municipal Library of Pierre.

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