Brian Fagnan

Brian Fagnan
The Plain Talk asked the five candidates in the upcoming Vermillion city election about their views on several city issues. Vermillion citizens will choose a mayor and one city council member from the Southeast Ward.


Brian Fagnan

Age: 29

Family: Mother and father (living)

Occupation: Geologist/instructor/photographer.

1. For over the past six years of my life, I have become very political in my lifestyle and now I want the opportunity to help the people of Vermillion, by being mayor, to achieve progress in their city, which they are looking for. A lot of my issues are "bread and butter" type issues that I would like to see improved or added to this great community. Just a couple to start with would be having the roads cleared when it snows, properly painted and updated crosswalks and yield to pedestrian signs. I would like to see added bike lanes on the major roads in town (which I believe could be financed by federal support). I would also like to see resolved the issue of why we can not have valid competition in this town.

Finally, I personally want the city of Vermillion to have an honest, "down to earth," home-owning, tax-paying resident as mayor, who will listen to all sides of the issue. I am not a politician, nor do I ever want to be labeled as one. I consider myself a leader with honesty and integrity that will bring together the common voice of Vermillion.

2. I will have to say that I am pleased with the updated nature of the downtown area to this point. However I do think that this town should have an acting city planner. It seems that plans are made in this town, but never updated or modernized as the progression of Vermillion continues. Plans are made to be updated. For example, my financial plan for life is always being revised and updated. If I never did this to my personal plans, I would never progress in my life, new goals would never be obtained and old goals which might have sounded great 10 years ago would be obsolete. Personal plans can be related to business plans and city plans and I will stick by updating and adjusting these plans as time passes for Vermillion to progress and grow as a society.

To answer the last question simply, I would propose the addition of bike lanes (since it is illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk) and more bike racks or areas to lock your bike once there.

3. That first sentence (of the question) should be changed to "Vermillion IS at the mercy of Mediacom for cable television and internet services." There is one simple answer to this question. Allow competition to come in. There are other cable and Internet service providers out there, and I am sure they would love to come into a community that has a college. Any time competition is allowed to come in, it benefits the consumer. More businesses � more choice � better quality and lower prices � happy community with more money to spend in the community.

4. This issue is definitely a hot topic and my answer is that I am for the connection of Crawford Road with Burbank Road, now let me explain. From my understanding, and I might not have all the facts on this, but from what I gathered, prior city officials made promises to developers and land owners that the road would be completed. If you make a promise to someone you need to keep it. However, that should have never happened. Let's think of it this way, being that I am a potential real estate investor, would it not be beneficial for me to know if a road was coming in for sure? I personally would buy up all the land around that project KNOWING (in advance) that it will go up in value when homes start coming in, and then I could cash out with a nice healthy profit. Does that sound right to you? It sure does not sound right to me, that promise should have never been made. There is no problem with the public looking at a city plan, but by no means should promises have been made on it. But since I am a man of my word and if elected mayor, I will have to stick by the promises made by previous city officials, until they are resolved.

Now on the other hand, this is how I would have handled the issue if no promises were made. After consulting with the city planner or a professional planner, the city plan for a beltway around the city would be moved further east. At the time the plan was made, Crawford Road was a logistical place to put a beltway around the city, take a look at the air photos when the plan was made. There was nothing there, it would have worked really nice. But since then, the city has grown and advanced and now Crawford road is in a residential area, a proper beltway should not be put through a residential area but made further east.

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