Clock ticks down on Part D deadline

Clock ticks down on Part D deadline
The April 15 deadline to file taxes is behind us, but another deadline looms for South Dakotans age 65 and older.

May 15 is the final day for Medicare beneficiaries to enroll in a Part D prescription drug plan without incurring a penalty.

"We want people to understand it is a critical deadline for them, and there is help out there to help them with their decision," says Pat Gross, state president of AARP South Dakota.

AARP South Dakota continues working hard to make sure everyone understands how the program works, and how, in particular, limited-income beneficiaries can apply for "extra help." In partnering with Shiine, the Senior Health Information and Insurance Education program, Centers for Medicare Services and County Extension services, AARP provides information to help seniors make wise choices about which plan is best suited for their needs.

"People that have an opportunity to look at the various plans and get some help with identifying the best plan for them, are finding in many cases that they are able to save money and they may have access to drugs and medicines which they may not have had before," Gross said.

With the opportunity for tens of thousands of South Dakotans to save on their prescription drug costs, AARP South Dakota wants all who will benefit from the new Medicare plans to enroll. At the same time, on a national level, AARP will continue working to improve the coverage for the future, lower the cost of drugs for the program and for all Americans.

For more information, or to get help in finding a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan, go to, or call SHIINE at 1-800-536-8197.

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