Club members paint ceramics

Club members paint ceramics
The Jolly Juniors and Juniorettes 4-H Club held their March meeting at Dakota Gardens on Tuesday, March 14. Hannah Doohen led the Pledge of Allegiance and Sarah Rosacker led the 4-H pledge. Everyone introduced themselves and the roll call topic was "What is your favorite type of pants?"

Marley Hanson read the secretary report. Pam Hanson gave an estimated treasurer's report. Sarah Rosacker made a motion to have the club purchase the stickers for the teacher bouquets. Ashley Sorensen seconded the motion and the motion was carried. Marley Hanson made a motion to donate money to Vermillion Beautiful. Reilly Larsen seconded the motion and the motion was carried. Reilly Larsen made a motion to donate money to the Vermillion Community Theatre. Jackie Hulse seconded the motion and the motion was carried.

Old business: a thank you was given to Kris Rosacker for putting together the Valentine's Day Card Stamping at the February meeting. A thank you was read that the club received from Town Square residents for including them in our meeting in February.

Thank yous were given to Kris and Sarah Rosacker and Carol and Ashley Sorensen for donating the desserts to the Saint Agnes class winner in February and March.

Thank yous were given to all the parents and club members for the wonderful job they did helping to sell refreshments at the Vermillion Community Theatre play in February. Thank yous were also given for all the wonderful cookies that the club members' parents baked and donated to sell and provide to the cast members backstage.

The club members went on a fun outing in February. They went to the new ice skating rink in Yankton. Everyone had fun! There were lots of tired ankles. A thank you was given to Julie Wagner and Bob Rosacker for driving the club members there.

Some club members painted a watermelon and ants on a ceramic bowl and then painted a tile with their name on it at a club project day in February. They all turned out looking great.

On Thursday, March 9, club members went to Yankton and presented 24 teddy bears to the pediatric unit at Sacred Heart Hospital to be used as ouchy bears. On that same day, they delivered two bunches of daffodils to Dr. Matt Knutson's office. They also delivered the smile-maker cards that club members created to the Senior Citizens' Center to be distributed to the Meals on Wheels individuals.

Discussion took place on fruit sales, when the fruit was to be picked up and when the money was to be turned in to the club leader.

New business: the Clay County 4-H Member Handbooks that were recently revised and the 4-H project Selection Guides were handed out.

Blank cards were handed out for club members to take home and create smile-maker cards for the senior citizens for the months of May and June. They were to bring the cards designed back to the meeting in April.

A reminder was given about the events planned at the club meeting in April.

Reilly Larsen made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Sarah Rosacker seconded the motion and the motion was carried. The meeting was adjourned.

Club members who provided entertainment for the evening by playing piano were Hannah Doohen, Sarah Droegemeier, Ellen Hanson, Marley Hanson, Carrie Kickland, Reilly Larsen and Sarah Rosacker. Ashley Sorensen and Ellen Hanson sang a musical selection. Jackie Hulse read some poetry and readings. Everyone did a superior job! We are a very talented club.

Ellen Hanson presented a demonstration, "Polar Bear Origami." Ellen Hanson also presented a judging school in the visual arts area. She also provided the refreshments for the evening.


Marley Hanson

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