Dakota Street reconstruction continues

Dakota Street reconstruction continues
The reconstruction of Dakota Street from Main Street to Cherry Street began on Tuesday, April 18.

Pavement removal is nearly complete on the first block between Main Street and National Street. The sanitary sewer has been installed to mid-block and the contractor is working on completing connections to existing sanitary sewers to the west.

After the sewer connections are made, the contractor will complete new water main and storm sewer installations in the Main Street and Dakota Street intersection.

The contractor has proposed to bring in a separate concrete paving crew to pave the Main Street and Dakota Street intersection after the utility work is completed rather than reopening the intersection with a temporary gravel surface for Main Street traffic. This will require the intersection to be closed for an additional two to three weeks after the utility work is completed in the intersection.

The temporary detour for the east-west traffic on Main Street at Dakota Street will continue to be around Harvard Street, National Street, and Elm Street. The detour will be extended to Harvard Street, Clark Street, and Elm Street for a couple of days while the contractor is installing the new sewer main across National Street and Dakota Street intersection. Notice will be sent out prior to this detour change.

The benefits of the change in plan include having the Main Street and Dakota Street intersection opened with the permanent pavement including pedestrian crosswalks in three to four weeks rather than nine to 12 weeks. Dakota Street from Main Street to Chestnut Street can also be opened to through traffic when the intersection is completed.

An additional benefit is that the community will avoid the rutting, higher dust levels and muddy conditions of a temporary gravel surface at this busy intersection. The intersection of Dakota Street and National Street may have a gravel surface for a period of time. City staff is researching an alternative to gravel at this intersection.

Anyone interested in receiving e-mail notifications about the Dakota Street reconstruction project is asked to e-mail the City of Vermillion at info@cityofvermillion.com or call 677-7050.

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