Nettey travels to Australia

Nettey travels to Australia
We have an international storyteller among us here in Wakonda. Her name is Antoinette "Nettey" Tayborn. She recently collaborated on a short fiction story with a resident of Melton, in Melbourne, Australia. They won the annual Djerriwarth Festival in the town of Melton. The prize was a thousand U.S. dollars, so Nettey took her winnings and flew down there for three weeks this past February.

Nettey and her friend, Tracey "T" George, began their friendship in 2003 over a computer chat line for writers. Together they work on stories that help people learn life lessons. "T", who is 26 years old, is a published writer and has a knack for describing things. Nettey, who is 23 years old, is a natural oral storyteller with a knack for finding a story for any situation.

Over the past three years, the two have written several stories together. Their story, called Moving Bricks, which won the Djerriwarth Festival, is their first story that won a contest. They plan to continue collaborating on stories and eventually publish a novel together. Nettey has also considered using her storyteller talents to inspire and counsel children and young adults.

Their story, Moving Bricks, is about a house that appears unoccupied, except for these blue bricks that are constantly repositioned. A curious young girl discovers that an old lady lives in the house and only comes out at night to move the bricks about in the old garden. When the girl learns that the old lady had been a community leader in the past and had won awards for her now overgrown, dull-colored garden, she decides to help the garden come back to life.

Then the community notices the work the little girl is doing is slowly brightening up the woman's yard and their town. Soon, more people begin to aid her in the project. Not only did the community join together to bring the woman's garden back to life, they helped her come back to life as well! The old woman was happy and the bricks stopped moving around the yard because the garden was complete again.

Is there a lesson to be learned here? If you have a natural talent or interest, pursue it! Maybe you can find a computer chat line with people who share a similar interest. Is there a local group you can join, or a non-profit organization that might help support your talents? Give it a try. Maybe your talent, like Nettey's, will take you half-way around the world.

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