Second case of mumps confirmed at university

Second case of mumps confirmed at university
The University of South Dakota confirmed Tuesday a second case of mumps on campus. Another student case was confirmed on Monday.

There are currently two suspected cases on campus and both are employees.

They have been excluded from campus and must wait nine days to return or have a negative test for mumps. Six other suspected cases have pro-ven negative.

The newest case, a student in one of the university's residence halls, has been in isolation for over a week and with her doctor's permission, will be allowed back on campus as soon as Wednes-day, May 10 to participate in any final exams she may have remaining.

Pursuant to a South Dakota Department of Health directive, the Board of Regents is requiring all faculty, staff, and students born after December 31, 1956, to show proof of immunity to mumps to be allowed to continue working or taking classes on campus.

As of noon on May 9, USD has approximately 50 students who still have not shown proof of immunity and nine faculty and staff members still needing to show proof of immunity.

Students, faculty, and staff members have been notified that they are no longer allowed on campus and students excluded will need to work with their professors to coordinate alternate test options for their final exams, or show proof of immunity to be allowed back on campus.

Information and detailed instructions related to the mumps situation on campus at USD can be found at and questions can be directed to The state health department has more information at

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