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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
W.E.L.L. golfers have a warm night

May 17 was our first warm night for golf. Of course, true to form, the wind didn't let up. Nevertheless, all enjoyed the evening out in the warmer wind. Karrie Plate certainly had a fine time of it. Once again she had the low gross, this week with a 38. Having a good night also was Nicky Erickson who had the low net of 32 (46-14). Hot on Nicky's heels were two women, both of whom had a net of 33, both of whom achieved it the same way: 50-17. These two golfers were Pat Durkin and Kate Geise. Karrie also continued her string of a birdie (or two) each week by shooting one on #10. This week birdies were also achieved by Mary Gauer on #13 and Nicky Erickson on #16.

Pin prizes were also set out (or almost). While three were made up and sent out onto the course, only two were placed in the appropriate places. One was carried around for the evening by the messenger sent to deliver it. There was to be a prize for the longest putt on hole 12. Our hosts did a great job of scrambling and, instead, awarded the prize to the team with the highest score. This went to the Sand Yappers.

The two pin prizes that did reach their destinations went to Starr Jones for the closest second shot on #10 and to Nicky Erickson (when you're hot, you're hot) for closest to the 150 yard maker on #18. Taking home the quarters was Robin Miskimins.

One again a ruling was discussed, although we didn't reach any firm conclusion. It seems that the bunker before the green on #12 does not have a well defined edge. That is, there is grass growing in amidst the sand for a ways. The question arose as to how one decides if one is in the bunker, and cannot ground the club, or not. The opinion from the pro was that the ball's position would have to be viewed by him to make a decision in each case. The "safest" solution might be, then, to assume one is in the bunker since there is no penalty for not grounding your club if you are not.

This week the identity of our first golfer will be disclosed. Judy Hanson, and her husband Shorty, had a van that they used to transport themselves along with other couples, including Diane and Denny Duin and Molly and Cleo Christensen, to tournaments. For an entertaining evening, have Diane and Judy relate to you some of the antics they pulled on those trips.

This week, which golfer, at one point in her life, worked in Washington D.C. for a senator from Kansas?

Calendar of events

Tuesday, May 30

Senior Men's Fun Golf League.

Noon � Registration and lunch served.

1:30 p.m. � Shotgun start.

Wednesday, May 31

Ladies Day.

8 a.m. � Ladies Morning Golf, luncheon and dominoes activities.

8:30 a.m. � Tee-off.

Noon � Lunch/games.

12:30 p.m. � Dominoes.

5 p.m. � Wednesday Evening Ladies League.

5:45 p.m. � Shotgun start.

Thursday, June 1

Men's Day; regular Men's League competition.

2:30 p.m. � Registration, please be prompt.

3 p.m. � Shotgun start, first session.

6 p.m. � Shotgun start, second session.

Friday, June 2

Couples Night.

5 p.m. � Social hour.

6 p.m. � Golf activities.

Saturday, June 3

USD Invitational Tournament.

1 p.m. � Tee off.

Sunday, June 4

Couples Tournament, 18-hole alternate shot; buffet lunch.

8 a.m. � Registration.

9 a.m. � Shotgun start.

Wednesday Ladies Morning Golf

Twenty five were served at the luncheon. Desserts were provided by Ramona Kellogg and Barb Boone (as usual the desserts were great � nice to try different types).

Guests were Mary Bartels� daughter, Bridget, and her baby, Kollie Elizabeth.

Lynn Hatle invited members to join a group for line dancing on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. at Open Mikes.

Quarters were won by Vaneta Youngworth, Ramona Kellogg, Eileen Turner, Rula Hatch and Mary Bartels. Five dollar drawing winner was Peggy Mollett.

Golf report: Played poker � first Pat Steckelberg, second Eileen Turner, and third Barb Boone.

Dominoes report: There were three groups and low (which is what we aim for) were Lynn Hatle, Ramona Kellogg and Babe Hurowitz.

Overall low (winner) was Vaneta Youngworth and overall high was Fritz Lefler.

Thank you, Cherry Street Grille, for serving the great �Make Your Own Baked Potato� meal for us.

See all you girls next Wednesday and try to bring a friend to see how much fun we have.

Pat Steckelberg


Men�s League standings


Sandtrappers 17

Midwest Homes 15

Multiple Puts 14.5

Grave Diggers 14

Recuerdo�s 13.5

Here For The Beer 13.5

PIK 9.5

Missing Links 9.5

First Dakota 9

Bluffs Boys 8.5

Serious Six 8

Fox Pizza 6


Wells Fargo 16

Bogey + 15.5

Americlean 13.5

First Bank & Trust 13

Coldwell Banker 13

Alkota 12.5

Slumberland 10.5

Bank Of The West Ins. 10

Eagles 10

LBA 9.5

Divots 7.5

Char Bar 7

Men�s League weekly report

After some teams dropped out or changed their names, the league is made up of two 12-team members. Shotgun starts are at 3 and 6 p.m., using tee boxes on the front and back nines on alternate dates.

The summer season will run every Thursday through Aug. 24, and then there will be a final league tournament with the format to be decided at that time.

Remember � the course is closed to league play on July 13 and 20.

The long winter layoff was apparent as high scores were very common during the first rounds of the day. Anyway, the results of the first week in the American division shows the best score for Sand Trappers � 17; Midwest Homes � 15, and Multiple Putts � 14.5.

Low individual score of 36 went to Tim Christopherson who netted a 31. Brian Steele had a 38; and Steve Ward and Gary Larson carded 39s.

Only six birdies were reported for the day. Ron Johnson had birdies on #2 and #9.

The National division�s best team score was 16 by Wells Fargo; Bogey + scored 15.5, Americlean had 13.5.

Scott Hansen and Bob Boone tied for first with one over par 37. Eric Stevens, Kevin Brown, Nick Hovden, and Don Harris each carded a 38; while Rick Haught was at 39. Low net 34 went to Boone.

Eleven birdies were recorded with Hansen recording three (#3, #6, and #8).

Seniors score well on links

Tuesday, May 23, was another windy day with cloudy skies that threatened but produced only sprinkles. In spite of the wind, eight birdies were scored. Lynn Palmer was guest of the day.

Good scoring brought two teams at 37. First with tie breaker was Mo Marcotte, Jack Stewart and Quentin Oleson. Then came Ross King, Ted Van Bruggen and Jim Reed.

Three teams at 38 included Alan Clem, Roger Kozak, Cleland Cook and Guy Button; Bob Satter, Pat Boyle, Don Baer and Howard Connors; and Dave Raabe, Max Andersen and Dick Gregory.

A winner at 39 also was lucky. It had Elmer Mount, Lynn Palmer and Berwyn Svoboda.

Shot of the day was a 36-foot par putt on #4. Ted Van Bruggen sunk a 15-foot putt for a birdie on the third hole.

Next week, lunch and golf will be at the same time. In June we start early morning.

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