The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
The first night of competition for W.E.L.L.

May 3 was our first night for competitive play. The evening was warm at the start, but cooled off as we progressed. Playing well on our opening evening were Karrie Plate, who shot the low gross score of 37, and Pat Durkin with a low net of 32 (53-21). Karrie and her playing partner Jenny Chandler both had birdies on #12 as well. Pin prizes were also awarded.

Ann Jensen won (or lost, depending on your perspective) for the most putts (six) on hole #18. Karrie Plate also received a pin prize for the longest drive on #10. The inscription on the flag prize also showed that the drive was her last of the evening, but still the longest (that was paraphrased).

Another golfer, who shall remain nameless here, had her name on the pin prize roster for the longest drive on #10, acing out Susan Oberle at the time. This golfer then showed us what not to do to follow up such a shot by carding a seven on the hole.

As this was the first night out, a couple of players decided to make a party out of the evening. Indeed, Susan Oberle and Judy Hanson both held beach parties. Both players seemed to want to play around in the sand on a number of different holes. Judy, at least, invited her partner into the sand as well. I suppose everyone needs the practice in getting out of the bunkers.

Inside the clubhouse, the remaining prizes were awarded. Barb Weyrich received one for the best poker hand (four sevens) and Shelly Brunick won the Quackson drawing. In addition, a new feature this year is our "Rules and Regulations Regalia." Questions regarding a rule (or two) are asked and answered each evening after play.

Two such questions and rulings were shared with everyone this past week. One such ruling involved an unplayable lie in a bunker, such as having your ball come to rest against the wall in the bunker on #15. The rules allow a player to take relief from such a lie as long as the ball remains in the bunker.

The second rule discussed involved hitting the flagstick with your ball. The short version is that if the ball or the flagstick is off the green at the time of the infraction, there is no penalty assessed. If the ball and the flagstick are on the green and the ball hits the flagstick, there is a penalty assessed against the person putting. Should you be moved to assist another player by moving the flagstick from the path of the ball after it has been putted, you (the flagstick relocater) will be assessed a two-stroke penalty.

And lastly, here is a new "feature." In an effort to learn more about our fellow golfers, a fact (or two) about one of our players will be revealed here for people to determine who it pertains to. Two weeks hence (so that everyone has a chance to learn the person's identity for themselves), the individual will be identified here. For this week, who used to drive to golf tournaments in a van she owned with a beer cooler doubling as a seat?

May 3 brings out 34 senior golfers

Wednesday, May 3 brought out 34 seniors, intermittent sun, and temperature in the 60s, with a good breeze.

Scores were not the best. Winners were the teams of Max Andersen, Tim O'Connor, Guy Button and Joe Villalobos, followed by the team of Bob Boone, Ted Van Bruggen and Cleland Cook.

The team of Elmer Mount, Ron Steckelberg and Quentin Oleson came in with a 38.

Two teams scored 39. First was Harlan Schott, Ken Beringer and Dick Kellogg, with Mo Marcotte, Pete Berglund and Berwyn Svoboda close behind.

Finally, winners at 40 were Dave Raabe, Vern Holter and Louis Fostvedt.

Because of the wind, only two birdies were scored. Shot of the day goes to Ron Steckelberg for his 24-foot birdie putt on #11.

Wednesday Ladies enjoy their day

Twenty-six members were served on May 3. Pat Pratt and Mary Lea Hennies served desserts.

Ramona Kellogg was a guest and became our newest member.

The five dollar drawing was restarted and the winner was Vaneta Youngworth.

Pass the Buck was played in three groups. The winners were: Fritz Lefler, Joanne Beringer and Susan Lyman.

In dominos Vaneta Youngworth was the low score with 129 and Lynette Spencer had the high score of 603.

The quarters games were won by: Jayne Merrigan, Rula Hatch, Pat Berglund, Pat Pratt, Barb Larsen and Ramona Kellogg.

Great weather greets seniors

A beautiful day on May 9 brought out 39 eager senior golfers. The good conditions resulted in six birdies.

The team with the low score of 35 was Harlan Schott, Ted Van Bruggen and Cal Petersen.

At 36 was Dave Bak, Louie Fostuedo and Ken Beringer.

Two teams scored 37. First Turk Pilker, Jack Doyle and Berwyn Svoboda, followed by Mo Marcotte, Gene Iverson and Cleland Cook.

The team of Dave Raabe, Ron Brown and Dave Zimmer had a score of 38.

Four teams were given prizes with a score of 39. First came Ross King, Bob Lund and Rod Liemens. Second, Elmer Mount, Vern Holter and Dick Kellogg. Third was Shorty Hanson, Ron Steckelberg and Jim Reed. Fourth, Jim Stewart, Don Baer and Quentin Oleson.

Shot of the day goes to Don Baer for a 55-foot birdie putt on the green. Shorty Hanson had a 33-foot birdie putt on #2. Several others had good par putts.

Food is available for seniors at noon and lasts until 1 p.m. We plan to be on the course at 1:30 p.m. sharp.

Calendar of events

Tuesday, May 16

Senior Men's Fun Golf League.

Noon � Registration and lunch served.

1 p.m. � Shotgun start.

Wednesday, May 17

Ladies Day.

8 a.m. � Ladies Morning Golf, luncheon and cards/dominoes activities.

8:30 a.m. � Tee-off.

Noon � Lunch/games.

12:30 p.m. � Cards/dominoes.

5 p.m. � Wednesday Evening Ladies League.

5:45 p.m. � Shotgun start.

Thursday, May 18

Men's Day; regular Men's League season opens.

2:30 p.m. � Registration.

3 p.m. � Shotgun start, first session.

6 p.m. � Shotgun start, second session.

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