Vermillion High School students honored during annual Awards Day

Vermillion High School students honored during annual Awards Day
Vermillion High School seniors were honored with scholarships and other awards at an assembly May 9 in the VHS auditorium.

The awards and the students who received them are:

USD Scholarships � Presidential Alumni, Molly Green; Rawlins Scholarship, Heather Walker; Leadership Scholarship, Amy Mart; Broadcaster Scholarship, Jennifer Bellis; Girls State Scholarship, Kara Rasmussen; Boys State Scholarship, Johney Tsai; Trustee Scholarship, Heather Walker; Vern and Joan Chaussee Holter Scholarship Andrew Pier; Promise Scholarship, Jennifer Bellis, Christian Harden, Anthony Miller, Andrew Pier, Anthony Rath, Dan Redlin, Raleigh Tiahrt, Heather Walker and Molly Woodard.

Marine Award, Scholastic Excellence, Anna Geis; Marine Award, Distinguished Athlete, Andrew Pier and Michelle Olson; Marine Award, "Semper Fidelis, Jennifer Bellis; Eye Care Eye Wear Scholarship, Kara Rasmussen; U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Awards, Kyle Brunick and Nicole Orr.

First Bank & Trust of Vermillion Scholarship, Molly Woodard; First Bank & Trust of Vermillion Students of the Month, Paige Prosser, Chris Merrigan, Matthew Sand, Jennie Bellis, Tricia Merrigan, Kyle Brunick, Raleigh Tiahrt, Breean Solberg, Anna Geis, Johney Tsai, Donny Stewart, Brittany Campbell, Shelli Knutson, Nicole Orr, Brittney Babb, Meaghan O'Connor.

Air Force Math/Science Award, Raleigh Tiahrt; Coaches Club Scholarship, Donny Stewart and Andrew Pier; American Legion Wallace Post No. 1, Chris Merrigan, Molly Green and Heather Walker; American Legion Citizenship Awards, Brittany Campbell and Chris Merrigan; Yankton Medical Clinic, Heather Walker; Rotary Club Scholarship, Molly Woodard.

Steve Merrigan Memorial Award, Nicole Orr; Vermillion Retired Teachers Scholarship, Chris Merrigan; Catholic Daughters, Kyle Hubert; Clay County Elephant Club Scholarship, Kara Rasmussen.

Lions Club Scholarship, Chris Merrigan and Shelli Knutson; Clay County Youth Trust Scholarships, Kyle Hubert, Shelli Knutson, Mike Hanson, Heather Walker and Trisha Irvine; Vermillion Civic Council Salute to Volunteers Award, Tom Pearson.

Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center and Dakota Hospital Association and Foundation Healthcare Career Scholarship, Heather Walker, Kara Rasmussen and Patricia Merrigan; Wells Fargo Community Scholarship, Michelle Olson; Career and Technical Education Scholar Award, Brandon Hansen and Mike Hanson.

Herbert and Lauretta Holoch Memorial Scholarship, Mike Hanson; Bergen Lutheran Scholarship, Shelli Knutson, Mike Hanson and Michelle Olson; Ben Leber Scholarship, Kyle Brunick and Michelle Olson; Evelyn Lee Memorial Scholarship, Christian Harden.

Donald O'Connor Memorial Wrestling Award, Kyle Hubert; Dennis Helseth Memorial Football Award, Donny Stewart; VEA Education Scholarship, Jennifer Bellis; Daughters of the American Revolution Award, Molly Green; Ronald McDonald House Charity Scholarship, Brittney Babb and Heather Walker; Denim for Dollars, Jennifer Bellis, Brittany Campbell, Chris Merrigan and Johney Tsai; Student Council Award, Patricia Merrigan.

Clay Rural Water System Grant, Shelli Knutson.

Senior Honors Program Awards, Nancy Abbott, Brittney Babb, Jennifer Bellis, Kyle Brunick, Jessica Carlier, Carrie Christensen, Ryan Eichelberg, Anna Geis, Molly Green, Monica Gutzman, Kyle Hubert, Amy Mart, Christopher Merrigan, Patricia Merrigan, Anthony Miller, Amy Mollet, Michelle Olson, Nicole Orr, Andrew Pier, Kara Rasmussen, Torrie Rassmussen, Anthony Rath, Daniel Redlin, Matthew Sand, Breean Solberg, Donny Stewart, Eland Summers, Raleigh Tiahrt, Johney Tsai, Molly Woodard, Brittany Campbell.

Bill O'Keefe Award, Anna Geis; Regents' Scholars, Allison Beeman, Andrew Pier, Anna Geis, Anthony Miller, Anthony Rath, Breean Solberg, Brittney Babb, Christopher Merrigan, Daniel Redlin, Donny Stewart, Eland Summers, Heather Walker, Jennifer Bellis, Jessica Carlier, Johney Tsai, Kara Rasmussen, Kyle Brunick, Kyle Hubert, Michelle Olson, Molly Green, Molly Woodard, Monica Gutzman, Nancy Abbott, Nicole Orr, Patricia Merrigan, Raleigh Tiahrt, Ryan Eichelberg.

Peer Tutor Awards, Brittney Babb, Kyle Brunick, Brittany Campbell, rebecca Hanson, Chris Merrigan, Sam Mount, Meagan O'Connor, Dan Redlin, Johney Tsai, Jessica Carlier.

Ford/AAA Trouble Shooting Award, Mike Hanson, John Gregg, Ricky Jerred.

Retirement Appreciation, Dr. Sharon Ross and Diane Williams.

Gustavus Adolphus Dean's Scholarship, Nancy Abbot; Gates Millennium Scholar, Brittney Babb; Bates Scholarship, Jessica Carlier.

Michigan Scholar Award, Study Abroad Scholarship, Macalester College Grant, Gopher State Scholarship, Molly Green.

SDSU Jackrabbit Guarantee Program, Michelle Olson; South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Track Scholarship, Nicole Orr; Augustana College Renewable Scholarship, Kara Rasmussen.

Southwest Minnesota State University Scholarship, Schwan's Academic Scholarship, SMSU Leadership Scholarship, SMSU Student/Mentoring Award, Potential Scholarship Package, Matt Sand.

Bud Elkins Scholarship, Johney Tsai; Tom Steele Memorial Scholarship, Heather Walker; USD Theatre Freshman Talent Scholarship and USD Fine Arts Scholarship, Tom Pearson.

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