VHS underclassmen receive honors

VHS underclassmen receive honors
Vermillion High School presented awards to its underclassmen at an assembly held May 16. Awards and their recipients are:

American Legion Auxiliary Girls State: Ariel Hofman, Hannah Pommersheim, Shannon Robinet, Annie Roche and McKinsey Weydert.

American Legion Boys State: Nahuel Telleria, Brody Stone, Andrew Pearson, Andrew Manning and Ryan Gilbertson.

Hugh O'Brian "Hoby" Leadership Award: Erin Rasmussen.

SD Chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Winners of the Design Competition: Whitney Feimer, first; Shannon Skillman and Rebecca Hawley, second.

Newspaper Award: Nahuel Telleria and Amanda Barton.

Yearbook Award: Annika Sjolie and Tristen Upward.

Auto Mechanics Appreciation Award: Whitney Felmer.

Math Awards: Jiwen Li, Stephanie Fu and Winnie Zou.

Sophomore Good Citizenship Awards: Hannah Korcuska and Alex Schaack.

CPA Accounting Award: Alex Schaack.

Business YBA: A.J. Manning.

P & D A+ Student Award: Maggie Green, Hannah Pommersheim, Erin Rasmussen.

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